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I felt it appropriate to approach this banner ad a little differently. In wanting an interactive element, all the motion is hand coded with various plugins like animated.css and parallax. When the banner loads, the elements animate onto the canvas in a playful manner, then the letters from the logo repel the users mouse as they move across the site enticing the user to engage with the ad.

Designing Motion

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Prairie Underground Branding + Interactive Banner Ads

Y: 2015     Type: Proposal     Duration: 1 day
My Role: Design, Interactive Development with HTML/CSS/JS

Vision Statement

Create versatile banner ads that are relevant to the target market and inspire people to want to learn more about the company and their product.


Banner ads, everybody hates them. I wanted to find a solution in making a banner ad that is less intrusive and alienting, while still being fun, inspiring, and demanding attention.


Making the animations more subtle and unique, where each cursor swipe causes the movement of elements on the ad makes people more likely to engage in amusement while still keeping the brand classy with a little seattle style kitschiness.

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